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Tucker High School

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Parent Information
Message from the Principal

August 26, 2013

Dear Tucker High School Parents,

Welcome back and welcome to Tucker High School! We hope that your summer break
was relaxing and enjoyable. We are excited to see the students happily traveling back
and forth to their various classes.
The Textbook Department would like to remind you of the pilot program that was
announced during the Open House on Thursday, August 8, 2013. The purpose of this
pilot program is to:
• Assist our students in getting to class on time; which maximizes and safeguards
instructional time;
• Relieve our students of carrying heavy textbooks;
• Address a critical component of our School Safety Plan by reducing the number
of book bags in the building.
This pilot program will entail students being able to access curricula resources via one
of the following:
• One (1) of a class set of textbooks to be used in school only;
• An access code to the on-line textbook.
As we continue to work in concert to make a viable difference in the lives of our student
body, we sincerely appreciate the support we receive from our students, parents, and
stakeholders. Should you require additional information regarding our Textbook Pilot
Program, please contact Dr. JoAlveta A. Allen at (678) 874 – 3717

Mr. James P. Jackson
Tucker High School

Tardy Policy

First Offense- Warning
Second Offense- Warning
Third offense- Parent phone call home
Fourth Offense- Lunch detention
Fifth Offense- 2 days of Lunch detention
Sixth Offense- 1 Hour detention after school
Seventh Offense- 2 days of detention
Eighth Offense- 1 day of ISS
Ninth Offense- 2 days of ISS
Tenth Offense- 3 day of ISS
Eleventh Offense - Supended pending parent conference. Student will be placed on local school probation.

Students may reduce their tardy infractions by one, every time they attend before or afterschool tutorial with their teachers. Teachers are required to keep a signature log of all tutorials and submit them weekly along with lesson plans.

Bell Schedule
Parent Resources
Tucker Parent Council
Writing Inititative
Yearbook Orders
Young Ladies Dress CodePlease be advised of the following dress code policy pertaining to tights, leggings,stockings, and yoga pants.
The above (tights, leggings, stockings, and yoga pants) are considered undergarments
ONLY. It is NOT okay to wear them as your outer pants, without underpants and/or
with only a shirt. During the winter months when we are dressing for warmth, it is
reasonable to wear tights or leggings UNDER NEATH an appropriate dress or skirt.
Follow the current “finger -tip” policy on dress/skirt length as it applies while also
wearing stockings, leggings and tights.
Yoga pants are often referred to as “sweat pants”. They are worn without underwear
and snuggly hug the thigh, pelvic, and posterior areas of the body and then tend to flair
out at the bottom. Unless you are actively participating in a dance class during PE or
after school for a club or sport, yoga pants should not be worn as an outer garment.
Allowed sweat pants are defined as the traditional sweat pants which are baggy and do
not cling or accentuate the buttocks or crotch area. They are loose enough to be worn
over shorts or other athletic garments.
Some of you may also include Jeggings in your wardrobe. These are a style of pants that
combine the lycra (elastic) of leggings and the look of jeans. They may have a few
seams or pockets, but tend to fit as tight as leggings. Please be advised that while these
pants may be as snug as tights, to wear them at school, they must fit like jeans. This
means that they must not gather or cling in the crotch area or fit excessively tight in the buttocks or thigh.
Jeans or shorts that have holes and show skin must be worn with something underneathso that your skin is not exposed.
When in doubt, do not wear it to school!