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Smoke Rise Elementary Charter School

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Principal's Contact Information

Principal's Contact Information
At certain times, issues may arise that involve your children. Parents, if you feel that you have such issues, the first line of communication should start with your child’s teacher. Most issues in school can be resolved with positive and cooperative communication; however, if the concern is not resolved with the teacher, then you need to speak with the counselor, Ms. Eure or Ms. McTier, assistant principal, depending on the circumstances surrounding your particular concern. Your next option is to contact me if you feel that there has been no resolution of your concern. I feel confident that the adults who surround children on a daily basis can resolve all issues involving children.

Some staff members may share some responsibilities, but for your convenience, listed below are staff members and their area of responsibility within the school. Feel free to contact these people if you have any questions.

Cherise Garraway, Front Office Secretary: Transportation changes, Student Checkout, Messages to staff, general School information, Master Calendar, Bookkeeping, Purchasing, Scheduling appointments with Mr. Moore.

Lisa Dixon-McCalla, Front Office Secretary: Student Records, Enrollment and withdrawals, Attendance, Change with Student Information.

Classroom Teachers: All classroom concerns should be directed here initially.

Felecia Eure, Guidance Counselor: Provides classroom guidance, Conducts Small-Group and Individual Counseling, Student Support Team.

Syreeta McTier, Assistant Principal: Instructional Program, Testing, Student Discipline, Faculty/Staff Concerns, School Procedures and Policies, Classroom Observations, Student Information / Records, General Information Regarding School Operations.

Aaron Moore, Principal: Instructional program, PTA, School Council, Community Relations, Business Partners, Strategic Planning, Student Safety, Discipline, Faculty/ Staff Concerns, Student Achievement, School-related Issues.

Other School Contact Information

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