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Lithonia High School

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Mr. Andrew Tatum, Interim Principal

Lithonia High School

2440 Phillips Rd.
Lithonia, GA 30058

Contact Number: 678-676-2902
Fax: 678-676-2910
School Hours: 8:10am - 3:10pm

The mission of Lithonia High School is to provide a professional learning environment with an unrelenting focus on learning and results.

Upcoming Events and Activities
Sept. 19th...... Curriculum Night and Parent Conferences
Sept. 30th-Oct. 2nd.......Senior Formal Pictures
Oct. 10th......School-Wide Picture Day

Uniformed Dress Code 2013-2014
Dear Parents and Stakeholders,

The top priority of the DeKalb County School District is to provide our students with the best positive learning experience in a safe environment. We work each day to encourage students to be successful at their job of learning. To this end, our cluster schools, Stoneview Elementary, Lithonia Middle, and Lithonia High, are pleased to have the support of the DeKalb County School District as we implement a mandatory uniformed dress code for the 2013-2014 school year. We believe and research supports that uniformed dress: (1) has a positive impact on students’ learning and behavior in and around the school; (2) serves to unite students; (3) increases school pride; and (4) eliminates class barriers that develop when some students cannot afford expensive name-brand clothing.

Students at Stoneview Elementary, Lithonia Middle, and Lithonia High Schools will be required to participate in the mandatory uniformed dress code for 2013-2014 school year. Please read below to clarify what the uniformed dress code will be to ensure that your child is properly attired for a successful 2013-2014 school year.

Black, Yellow, and/or White Tops:
•Polo/collared blouses and shirts (long or short sleeves) with the school’s logo
•Cardigans/sweater vests for cool weather may be black or yellow with the school’s logo

Black/Khaki Bottoms:
•Slacks/pants (khaki or black)
•Skirts-knee length (khaki or black)
•Capris (length should meet DCSD standard dress code requirements)
•Belts are required for belt loops
•Bottoms should fit properly and not sag below the waist

* Elementary and middle school options may vary
•Trousers/pants(khaki or black)
•Shorts - knee length (khaki or black)
•Belts are required for belt loops (black or brown)
•Bottoms should fit properly and not sag below the waist

* Elementary and middle school options may vary


All shoes must be safe and appropriate for the learning environment. Students may wear their choice of athletic, low-heeled or flat shoes. Students must wear athletic shoes in all PE classes and/or outdoor activities. Sandals, slippers, flip flops, open toe shoes, thong sandals, stilettos such and the like are not permitted to be worn on campus.

School uniforms will be available through the following vendors:

DoMaRo Uniform Services

4810 Flat Shoals Parkway

Decatur, GA 30034

(770) 322-0573


Wal-Co Uniforms

2406 Park Central Boulevard

Lithonia, GA 30058

(770) 981-4226


Lithonia High School Bulldog School Store (Blouses and Shirts)

2440 Phillips Road

Lithonia, GA 30058

(678) 676-3011

Students may be excused from uniformed dress only on days approved by the administration. It is expected that students will follow the announced dress code for their respective schools on excused days.

Again, we appreciate your support for our uniformed dress requirement and your willingness to ensure that your child is appropriately dressed. We firmly believe that if our students are dressed for school in clothing consistent with our uniformed dress code, they will be prepared for work in the classrooms.

Feel free to contact the principal’s office (678-676-2902) with any questions.


Mr. Andrew Tatum
Interim Principal

Lithonia High School



Telephone: (678) 676-2902

Facsimile:(678) 676- 2910

If a student misses 10 days of school, the Department of Motor Vehicles will rescind their driver's license or permit.

Reminder from The DeKalb County Board of Health: Get Your Child Immunized
for Novel H1N1 for the New Year. The DeKalb County School System wants to remind parents that getting your children immunized with the novel H1N1 vaccine is still the best way to help prevent the spread of flu virus both at home and in the classroom.

The health department has an ample supply of the vaccine in both nasal and
injectable forms. The vaccine is safe, effective and you do not need to be
in a priority risk group to receive it. You can take advantage of the
availability by getting your child's vaccination at one of the DeKalb
County Board of Health's five locations, Monday through Friday, between
8:15 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

The cost of the vaccine is free, however, an administrative fee is charged
to Medicaid, Medicare and third party insurance. Bring your child's shot
record and your insurance card with you at the time of service. For more
information, call (404) 294-3700 or visit

The school day begins at 8:10. Students who are late to school or classes will receive detention. Students who do not report to detention or have multiple tardies will be assigned in-school suspension or out of school suspension.

All car riders should be off campus by 3:45. Parents, please pick up your students in a timely manner.

Reminder: All senior males must register with the Selective Service Office. (703) 605-4100. It is the Law! Failure to do so will make you ineligible for the Federal student loan or grant program. This includes Pell Grants, College Work Study, Guaranteed Student/Plus Loans, and National Direct Student Loans.

Study Hard Each Day, Give It Your Best, And Reap The Rewards

Attendance Policy
Punctuality plays an important role in the development of our students, and being on time to class further ensures optimal class time for instructional purposes.

As we monitor our hallways, we have noticed the number of students intentionally not arriving to class on time has increased. As you are aware, tardies are disruptive and interrupt the entire class during instructional time. Students having four classes in close proximity to each other and five minutes to transition to class on time, it is a reasonable expectation that all students are in class before the tardy bell sounds.